Privacy Policy

Morya Matrimony will ensure the privacy of details of its users & will not exchange details with third parties without prior intimation to the users although Morya Matrimony reserves the rights to exchange details with the group enterprises with which it is associated in business or data sharing purposes. Even though, in any case of any misuse of details of users, Morya Matrimony will not be held responsible to any damage done.

Morya Matrimony hold the rights to disclose or undisclose the details of the users to the premium members with or without prior information to the users.


The information on this site is for informational purposes only. Morya Matrimony, its affiliates and content licensors assume no liability for any inaccurate, delayed or incomplete information, nor for any actions taken in reliance thereon. The information contained about each individual, Companies, Products, or any content in the portal has been supplied by such individual or firm without verification, is not necessarily that it may be correct or predicts the future happening or any guarantee about the contents, we don’t take any responsibility in any regard to contents or any products for any future performance or its reliability. We are free from any liabilities or any damages done to anybody in any form, Morya Matrimony or is not responsible

Service violation or Misuse

Providing wrong information in any form i.e. images / photos / data / symbols, etc & misusing the services of for disturbance or causing nuisance to other members or hampering the image & reputation of Morya Matrimony will be considered as service violation or Misuse.

Such user or profile is subjected to termination or cancellation from services with service expiry of service period irrespective of membership type. i.e. Premium or Free Membership 

Termination & Cancellation

Any member found misusing the services of the website beyond the terms of usage policy is subjected to termination from membership of with or without prior notice. Any kind of nuisance caused to other members or any receiving any kind of abusive complaints from other members subjects to cancellation or termination of the respective profile from the website & services of Morya Matrimony i.e. Any kind of reported abuse caused due to imaging / personal communication / written or action will lead to cancellation of the registration & termination of the profile from any services of irrespective of the type of membership. i.e. Paid / Premium or Free. Terminated profiles will have to re-register with all the authentic details & genuine photographs (if wish to) with payment of complete fees (if applicable) again as the previous payment made (if any) will not refunded to the user in any case. 

Extra Service Charges

Extra service charge is applicable to users requesting additional services like postage of profiles information, Photo prints, contact details postage, etc & all other services which are not included on the service policy. All the services listed out of the service policy are subjected to charges applicable. Users willing to subscribe for such services will have to pay additional charges prescribed. These charges are not included in membership fees. Premium members will have to pay additionally to avail such kind of benefits from Morya Matrimony.

Morya Matrimony & Liabilities

Morya Matrimony services are solely a match making enterprise who is not liable or responsible for false profiles or wrong information provided by postings from anonymous users, although we will try our best to verify the details provided by users to be correct failing which Morya Matrimony will not take any responsibility for any damage or misleading done to its users due to such profiles. All the users willing to use the services of Morya Matrimony will have to agree the terms of usage failing which their registration is subjected to cancellation with or without prior notice All the users will have to ensure the validity of the information of the opposite party or interested profiles by self verification, Morya Matrimony will not be held responsible for any disputes occurring after internal communication / interaction of users with such profiles. Morya Matrimony hold the rights & permissions to allow or restrict profiles & postings violating its usage policy with or without prior notice. Any disputes will not be entertained after termination & cancellation of such profiles from the website. 

Contact Information Disclosure

Morya Matrimony hold the rights to disclose or undisclose the details of the users to the premium members with or without prior information to the users. All the registered members agree to the privacy policy of Morya Matrimony & hereby affirm that they have no discrepancies or any disputes regarding their information sharing & their contact details Disclosure to other members with or without notice. Any information which is invalid or fake is not the responsibility of Morya Matrimony & therefore Morya Matrimony will not be held liable for any damage done to any user by the same. All the users agree to disclose their contact information to all premium members with or without prior notice to them. Morya Matrimony will not take any responsibility of the contact details being fake or invalid & will have no liability of providing genuine contact information of the respective profile. Morya Matrimony reserves the rights to cancel or terminate any such profile that is misusing or tends to misuse the contact information to create disturbance & cause nuisance to other members. All users hereby also agree to adhere by the terms of cancellation & termination of Morya Matrimony.

Allowing & Restricting Profiles

Morya Matrimony hold the rights to restrict any profile irrespective of its type i.e. Paid / Premium or Free memberships profiles if in case it suspects threats of misuse or violation of terms & conditions, malpractice, nuisance, or any other activity which is not in the interest of the users or Morya Matrimony with or without prior notice. Morya Matrimony also hold the rights of allowing certain profiles under special cases to view details of other profiles or contact details with or without prior notice. 

Complaints & Reporting

Abuse Morya Matrimony will try to ensure the safety & proper use of its services by system vigilance tools. In case any user found misusing the services or abusing any opposite sex user in means of writing, images, photographs, symbols, or communication will be reported in the blacklist. The users have access to report any profile for abuse if any such comes under their observation during searching through profiles by simply filling up the report abuse form with the user id of the person to be reported abusing. Unnecessarily reporting abuse for other profiles without concrete evidence will also be held liable for violation & will be thereafter blacklisted. All users agree to be sincere while reporting abuse for any other profile without considering personal enmity or any other reason not affecting the smooth functioning of Morya Matrimony.

If any user found doing so without concrete evidence will also be blacklisted which may also lead to termination of registration irrespective of membership type i.e.: Paid / Premium & Free.

All the users also have an access to submit complaints by mailing to, describing the state of problem in detail if the report abuse function is not sufficient to describe so. All complaints will be dealt seriously & immediate appropriate action will be taken against profiles found guilty by the administrators within shortest response time.

Although if any such profiles are found on the website, Morya Matrimony is not liable for the damage or loss caused by such profiles & is free from any liabilities hereafter.

Disputes & Discrepancies

All users agree to the service policy of Morya Matrimony & hereby admit that they have no disputes & discrepancies with Morya Matrimony incase any damage or loss is done to them in any form by fake profiles or information or services offered by Morya Matrimony. Any dispute or discrepancy will not be entertained by Morya Matrimony in any form from any user due to damage or loss caused by use of services or use of information provided on the website. Morya Matrimony hold the rights to cancel or terminate the registration of any user trying to create any dispute with the management of Morya Matrimony. 

Service Policy

Morya Matrimony are liable to provide services only to those users who agree to the complete terms & conditions of Morya Matrimony & who are above 18 years of age or whatever applicable as prescribed by the law. Morya Matrimony services are solely a match making enterprise who is not liable or responsible for false profiles or wrong information provided by postings from anonymous users, although we will try our best to verify the details provided by users to be correct failing which Morya Matrimony will not take any responsibility for any damage or misleading done to its users due to such profiles or information. Morya Matrimony offer only the services that are listed below to its users:

  1. Access to Request contact information on approval of administrator only for premium members
  2. Search for profiles to all registered members irrespective of type. i.e. Paid / Premium & Free
  3. Login access to inbox of individuals only after verification by moderator of the provided details.
  4. Premium membership only for members paying the full fees prescribed by Morya Matrimony.

No Service other than the above mentioned will be provided to users. To avail additional services of Morya Matrimony, users will have to pay the Extra Service Charges as per applicable on respective services. 


All users will have no claims on Morya Matrimony regarding quality of service, authenticity of information & content, valid contact information, etc provided on the website. Morya Matrimony will not be held liable for any damage or loss caused to users due to the above factors, neither it takes responsibility or guarantee of any information or content that is published on the website. The users hereby admit that they are solely responsible for accepting or following the information provided at their own liability & Morya Matrimony is free from any claim of damage or loss caused by the same. In case if any dispute arises it is subjected to Aurangabad Jurisdiction only.

Users Liability

All users agree that they are above 18 years of age or appropriate age of marriage as prescribed by the law. Users also agree to ensure & verify interesting profiles & matching profiles at their end. Morya Matrimony are not liable for any dispute or discrepancy aroused due to communication of such profiles or any false data provided by users. Users will have to contact interesting profiles at their own & Morya Matrimony are not liable for make happen the meeting of interesting profiles. All damage or loss occurred after meeting of interested profiles or any information found false during meeting, Morya Matrimony will not be liable for it. All users have to affirm that they have understood clearly their liabilities before using the services of Morya Matrimony & Morya Matrimony is free from any damage or loss done to users by their own decision. more details We wish you good luck & happy searching for your dream partner on our website ! For any query or assistance feel free to call us or mail us