Prakash & Deepa Wedding Date: 4th October, 2021

"When you know you just know" Honestly I wasn't Shaadi ready and the search started up on a casual note thinking "Whats the worst that could happen?" My profile was created by my relatives in 2021 and they had been searching for over 6 months by that time, me being unaware. After knowing this, i tried my hand into searching and came across Deepa's profile and thought we had a few things in common. She accepted my interest but nothing moved for few days. Later there was a message from her profile with her father’s contact details. Soon after our parents started talking to each other and things started moving ahead. We couldn’t talk to each other by that time due to the restrictions in arrange marriages but we got the chance to meet after few weeks along with families. After catching a glimpse of Deepa my nerves soon faded away and then I knew the true meaning of love at first sight. I could not keep my eyes off her, as she looked absolutely stunning and with her quick wit and cheerful smile, I knew this was the lady I had been waiting for all my life and only she could handle me ;) . The first meeting quickly flew by, we met again near her town discussing about families, expectations etc., and I could sense the relationship getting a head start from there onwards. We got engaged on the 10th April and got married last year. I think we were destined to meet each other on this site. And, we believe that when someone has to meet the partner, will meet no matter what, and it will happen in right time. Thanks to Morya Matrimony from both of us. - Prakash and Deepa